Our History

For more than a century.

Distributors Terminal Corporation has been providing warehouse storage and distribution services to companies across the Midwest for more than 100 years. The origins of the company go back to 1868 and the founding of Bauermeister & Busch, which dealt in grain and cured meats. In 1905, the Prussian owner, C.W. Bauermeister established a wholesale grocery – The Chas. W. Bauermeister Company. This company became Bauermeister Terminal Company in 1923, warehousing and carrying products. In 1935, Bauermeister Terminal became Distributors Terminal Corporation. In 1977, the leadership of Distributors Terminal transferred to the Hendricks family.

Historical photos

Warehousing. Then and now.

The history of Distributor’s Terminal spans more than 100 years. When Chas. W. Bauermeister Company signed the first contract with its employees in 1913, the company was located at 102-104 Main St. (now Wabash Ave.) in Terre Haute. That contract stipulated drivers would work 10-hour days. One-horse drivers were paid $12.00 per week, and two-horse drivers were to receive $13.50. The drivers were to clean and water their horses on Sundays and on four paid holidays throughout the year.

Much has changed in Indiana and the world since that first contract was signed and our company moved commodities in horse-drawn wagons. Today, our third-party logistics include multiple warehouse facilities, a fleet of trucks, state-of-the-art technology and same-day access to a majority of U.S. and Canadian populations – due in large part to our enviable geographic position and robust interstate system, and a transportation network of ports, airports and railroads. We’ve come a long way from dirt roads and horses, but one thing has remained constant…Distributors Terminal’s unwavering dedication to bring value to our clients.

Distributors Terminal’s knowledgeable associates are experienced in the industry, with extremely low turnover. This results in high client satisfaction and professional results. Let us focus our logistics expertise on your supply chain, so you can concentrate on your core business.