The Advantages of Third Party Logistics Providers

In today’s complex and fast paced world there are an abundance of ways in which businesses can gain a competitive edge through the outsourcing of logistics and supply chain practices. Third Party Logistics Providers, or 3PL’s, essentially provide businesses with a steadfast platform for outsourcing all or parts of their supply chain functions.
“You are strong when you know your weaknesses”
3PL’s play an enormous role within today’s economy by providing a large variety of businesses with a powerful and reliable partner to lean on, allowing them to focus on their core competencies to drive growth. From packaging all the way to distribution, professional 3PL’s help maximize profitability through every step of their clients’ logistics and supply chain functions. Here a few of the most important advantages that 3PL’s provide to businesses:
Saving Time and Money
Arguably, the key advantage 3PL’s provide, is their uncanny ability to save businesses time and money. Many of a business’s largest expenses such as staffing, storage space, transportation, and technology can be efficiently handled by 3PL’s. That means risky and wasteful practices are reduced and a business can logistically expand faster.
Developing Networking Opportunities
Another one of the most vital benefits that 3PL’s provide is their pre-existing partner networks. Just like any business, 3PLS’s possess strong relationships that they can leverage to provide their clients with discounts, high quality services, and above all, the peace of mind that comes along with knowing that all steps of the process are being carried out by someone trustworthy and accountable. Because of these vital and established networks, in-house approaches to logistics management are essentially decades behind 3PL’s.
Industry Technology Expertise
Another core advantage of using 3PL’s is that they stay up to the minute with advances in technology so that their clients don’t have to. The most successful businesses in today’s world are able to utilize technology in order to enhance the overall experience of customers while simultaneously expanding the overall reach of their markets. More simply, their products reach a larger consumer base, at a faster rate, with a fewer number of failures. Businesses that use 3PL’s can be certain that they are utilizing top of the line technology that continuously streamlines vital business functions such as: inventory management, advanced reporting and data analytics, as well as customer satisfaction factors like product, and transportation tracking. This certainty puts companies minds at ease and allows them to excel at their core competencies.
At Distributors Terminal, we believe that streamlining logistics is the most effective way to increase business profitability, and companies can be sure that they are getting maximum return on investment when they partner with us. Distributors Terminal makes it our business to be more than warehousing space. We strive to be a strategic problem-solver in the area of logistics. For decades, that’s what we’ve been. If you’d like to know more about our value-added services, give us a shout, or drop us a note. We’d love to hear your story and take your supply chain to the next level.