Scaling Up Logistics and Warehousing After Going It Alone

Now Might Be the Time to Find a Specialist

For almost any business, growth is a welcome sight. Growth is not without peril. “Help wanted” signs, the installation of temporary “out-buildings,” and unmarked fleet vehicles are just a few of the visible signs of runaway growth for a business. A business in growth mode can find itself in the unenviable position of doing its mightiest to manage that growth. The attention given to specialties like logistics, shipping and warehousing can be an impediment to that growth.

So how do you know it’s the right time to team up with a third-party logistics and warehouse partner? If you’re seeing some of these conditions, listed below, now might be the time.


You simply need space. A third party logistics (3PL) firm like ours can provide the space a growing business needs, quickly and efficiently without the capital outlay an outright purchase would require. If you’re a manufacturer and require specialized space, finding someone with the warehouse inventory and specialized knowledge you need is a plus.


You can’t keep up with orders. A 3PL firm can tighten up your processes, improve service delivery and utilize proven industry technology to stanch the flow of missed deliveries, lost sales or inventory errors. The ability of a firm to give you real-time data and control over your inventory is paramount to staying a step ahead.

Seasonal Surge

If your business relies on a particular time of the year for a significant portion of your business, maybe the idea of ‘renting’ is better than owning when it comes to third-party logistics and warehousing. An under- or partially utilized capital investment can be a drag on your financial statement.


Has the logistics part of your operation become unwieldy or downright scary? A third-party logistics firm can bring sanity back with expertise in logistics, shipping, truck availability and reliable service. Advanced and versatile supply chain execution software might be in your budget. But you might not have the personnel or time to ramp up on the technology. The right provider can provide you with these benefits, namely mobile access, visibility and flexibility in execution, without the wait and resource drain.

Shipping Rates

Scale, experience and relationships. All of these can play a role in what you pay for shipping. An experienced shipper knows how to optimize your shipment for the best price, even if it’s less than a truckload. And we’ve got the scale and relationships you need when making specialty shipments.

West Coast or Midwest?

If you’re looking west of the Alleghenies in terms of expansion, one way to dip your toe into a new market is to find a regional or local partner. Now you’ve got someone on the ground, familiar with the territory – ready to go.


Expansion means more work. More work usually means more people. When you’re trying to operate your business, the hiring and training of specialized logistics or warehousing personnel can be a costly and distracting task. Partnering with a third party logistics provider can relieve that stress.

These are just a few of the considerations to have in mind when you find your business in growth mode. Scaling up the logistics and warehousing of your business can be an unwelcome or burdensome task if you’re going at it alone. If you’re looking for a partner in the Midwest or West Coast, find a team you can trust with your inventory – a team that is precise, dependable and has the success your business top of mind.