Mobile Technology Reshapes Our Industry

Mobile Tech at Distributors TerminalHow and Why Distributor’s Terminal Invests in Mobile Technology

There may be, somewhere in the mind of the average person, the idea of what a typical warehouse looks like. That image or idea of ‘typical’ may be influenced by personal experience or past exposure to warehouses. And that’s key – if it isn’t a warehouse you’re looking at this moment, your idea of what today’s warehouse environment is about could be seriously out-of-date. The march of technology, specifically mobile technology, has had a remarkable influence on how the world of inventory warehousing, logistics and distribution works – and how Distributor’s Terminal does business.

Mobile Technology Solves Problems: What are those problems?

The problems companies face when it comes to warehousing are pretty straightforward. Namely, if you’ve given up control of your inventory to a third party, this could mean a diminished ability to track inventory, a lag in the time it takes to fulfill orders, complexity in shipping, and/or less-informed decision making. Not necessarily all of these land-mines are real and felt, but depending on the level of transparency and ability of a third party firm to share data, they certainly can be. Mobile technology offers a solution for reducing this “information distance” problem and Distributor’s Terminal has taken a leadership position in this arena.

Our approach

Distributor’s Terminal has invested in Cadence. This RF technology allows orders to be fulfilled from anywhere, at any time. Customers can check on inventory, schedule and track shipping through USPS, FedEx or UPS. And, they can view reports in real-time and act upon those reports in real-time (Read more). This sounds great, right? So, how does it work in the real world?

This mobile technology puts the smartphone and tablet tech on the floor, where it is close to inventory. And it connects that shelf-level, SKU-by-SKU data, to the entire enterprise – connecting with existing systems and being readily available to sales staff and managers in the field. A Distributor’s client has real-time information and visibility to what is on the floor and available right at that minute.

In a world where distribution has been ‘Amazonified’, the lines between maker, distributor, and consumer become blurred and things move blindingly fast. As an industry insider noted in his “Top 10 Supply Chain and Warehousing Trends for 2016,” Omnichannel strategies “will proliferate” and inventory optimization will take on greater importance as “product availability and timely fulfillment become essential across all channels.” That is where the real-time information that Cadence provides is so valuable for Distributor’s Terminal Clientele. In this hyper-connected world, mobile technology gives sales staff and managers instant insights into inventory and they can anticipate and solve supply chain problems before they happen.

Mobile technology in the warehouse creates increased accuracy, improved productivity and more informed decision-making.

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