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  • 4050 Steelton Avenue
  • 3910 Third Parkway
  • 1441 Aberdeen Street
  • 1383 Aberdeen Street

Located at the heart of it all.

Need a central warehouse and distribution location? Look no further. Distributors Terminal is a logistics company headquartered in Terre Haute, Indiana. Considered “The Crossroads of America,” Terre Haute is an ideal location for a Midwest distribution center. Logistics specialists can help decide which mode of transportation is right for your product, as the Distributors Terminal Terre Haute facilities offer these location advantages.

Located within 650 miles of over one-third of the US population (one day by truck). Cities located within this 650 mile radius of our distribution facility include Chicago, Detroit, Toronto, Indianapolis, Atlanta, Louisville, Memphis, Milwaukee, Nashville, Cleveland, Kansas City, St. Louis, Cincinnati, and Pittsburgh.

Intersected by major thoroughfares US Highway 41 (north-south), US Highway 40 (east-west) and Interstate 70 (east-west).

Positioned 70 miles from FedEx’s second-largest hub at the Indianapolis International Airport, the United Parcel Service worldwide air hub at the Louisville (Ky.) International Airport and the DHL air hub near Cincinnati.



Indiana’s 5,347 miles of railways serve 41 railroads (the nation’s fourth largest number) and carry more than 50 million tons of cargo each year. Rail is one of the cost-effective modes of transportation for many products.


Interstate Highway 70; U.S. Highways 40, 41, 150; State Roads 42, 46, 63.

Truck Service

Terre Haute is served by 52 over-the-road truck lines, 12 having operations in the city, making the logistics of transporting your product by truck easily accessible.


We get your product off the ground and into the air. The Terre Haute International Airport is 16 miles away, and the Indianapolis International Airport 70 miles away, from our distribution center.


Indiana’s three ports are accessible by rail and highway to/from Terre Haute, Indiana. The Burns Harbor Portage is located in the northwest corner of the state, and Jeffersonville and Mount Vernon Portages are located in the southern corners of the state.

Strategic Location

Indianapolis, IN 78 miles 1.5 hours
Chicago, IL 225 miles 3.75 hours
Cincinnati, OH 185 miles 3 hours
Columbus, OH 255 miles 4 hours
Detroit, MI 396 miles 6 hours
St. Louis, MO 168 miles 2.5 hours
Louisville, KY 186 miles 3 hours