Customer-Driven Logistics Strategy

We'll Get You Where You Need To Go

While Distributors Terminal certainly has the warehouse, buildings, and equipment, we also have the logistics expertise it takes to identify ways to improve and streamline your business.

All industries face logistical challenges that are unique to the products they distribute and the customers they serve. Understanding that, and having the capability to adapt and respond to those differences, is something that sets Distributors Terminal apart.

Advanced Logistics

Locally, our dedicated on-site fleet is ready to move your product at a moment’s notice. We are located within one day by truck of over one-third of the US population.

Nationwide, Distributors Terminal maintains a network of select, trusted contract carriers to get the job done. It’s also good to know that not only can we deliver the truck, we can also unload the truck, put the product away, inventory the product, and fulfill your next product order. In other words, if you need more than just a delivery option…we can deliver that too!

Let's Talk

For Andy Dovin, business has always been personal. “So many people lose sight of that,” he says. “Our clients know they can call one of us at 11 o’clock at night or 2 in the morning and get more than a response: We’ll make something happen.”

Andy Dovin
Business Development Executive