Custom Fulfillment Solutions

Custom Fulfillment for Your Product

While Distributors Terminal certainly has the buildings and equipment, we also have the fulfillment expertise to help guarantee your businesses success. From providing transportation for product shipments to handling inventory storage to managing order fulfillment, Distributors Terminal can help with every aspect of your logistics operation. The Distributors Terminal team is ready to deliver the perfect suite of logistics products and services, including the following specialized services:

All industries face logistical challenges that are unique to the products they distribute and the customers they serve. Understanding that, and having the capability to adapt and respond to those differences, is something that sets Distributors Terminal apart.

Advanced Business Fulfillment Solutions

At Distributors Terminal, we are experienced at working with our customers’ systems to manage the process of order fulfillment – from confirming orders to providing customized packaging services to handling the shipment of your product to the end user.

VMI is a streamlined approach to inventory management and order fulfillment. With VMI, the manufacture keeps track of its distributor’s inventory data, and is responsible for generating purchase orders and maintaining inventory levels. As an experienced 3PL, Distributors Terminal can help facilitate this process for you.

With cross docking, products are received, processed, and shipped in an unbroken sequence, eliminating or minimizing inventory storage needs. We can coordinate and expedite cross-docking for you, ensuring the smooth and efficient distribution of your merchandise.

This service involves selecting (or picking) items for customer orders from the warehouse, and then distributing (or packing) them for shipment. Pick and Pack can be a complex process due to the varied amounts and types of items that may be included in each end user’s order. Distributors Terminal employs customized processes to simplify and streamline Pick and Pack order fulfillment for you.

You can rely on the experienced team at Distributors Terminal to effectively handle your custom labeling, kitting, and other specialty or labor-intensive processes. Outsourcing your custom labeling and packaging to us offers increased flexibility over your inventory and can help lower your total cost.

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