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Doing Your Own Warehousing Has Many Impacts

How Does It Affect Capital and Is There A Better Way For You? Sometimes inefficiency is celebrated. A winemaker might create value, in part, by holding onto a particular vintage, creating scarcity for a bottle and increasing the future demand for the product. That time-lag might even improve taste or add character that consumers value. […]

Scaling Up Logistics and Warehousing After Going It Alone

Now Might Be the Time to Find a Specialist For almost any business, growth is a welcome sight. Growth is not without peril. “Help wanted” signs, the installation of temporary “out-buildings,” and unmarked fleet vehicles are just a few of the visible signs of runaway growth for a business. A business in growth mode can […]

Amazon is a Behemoth

So it’s taken over the world. What’s next? To borrow a popular word from the news cycle of the day – it’s huge. This company, at only 20 years old, is so ubiquitous and its rapid rise so legendary, it really is a source of awe and wonder. And sometimes, pointed debate and discussion. “Is […]

China Evolves. What is the Impact on Logistics?

It’s on the tip of your tongue. If you’re talking about the economy, trade, global politics, population, GDP – or, more close to home – if you’re thinking about the prospects of your business in the coming decade – it’s China. More than ever, China is on the radar of the international logistics business. Over […]

Mobile Technology Reshapes Our Industry

How and Why Distributor’s Terminal Invests in Mobile Technology There may be, somewhere in the mind of the average person, the idea of what a typical warehouse looks like. That image or idea of ‘typical’ may be influenced by personal experience or past exposure to warehouses. And that’s key – if it isn’t a warehouse […]

Wabash Valley Packaging Testimonial

As part of an ongoing blog series, we’ll speak with Distributor’s Terminal clients in an effort to help you understand the value that a partner like Distributor’s Terminal brings to business in need of warehousing and third-party logistics. In these profiles, you might see yourself through that outside perspective that takes you a step or […]

Warehousing and Logistics 101

Of course one of the reasons you hand over warehousing and 3rd party logistics to Distributor’s Terminal is so you have problem solvers on board who simply know the language, all the ins and outs, and they know how it should all work to your best advantage. We serve you. And you serve the business […]

Distributors Terminal President Named to Conexus Indiana’s Logistics Council

Council working to strengthen logistics infrastructures in Indiana Andy Hendricks, president of Distributors Terminal Corporation (DTC), has been invited to join Conexus Indiana’s Logistics Council (CILC). The Council was created so that executives in the logistics industry would have a forum to explore short- and long-term issues, opportunities and obstacles to growth in their businesses […]